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Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: A Lesson to the society

Sushant Singh Rajput suicide news on 14th June 2020 shocked the whole country as a rising Bollywood star has ended his life at Bandra Home in Mumbai. Sushant Singh’s glamorous life has attracted the youth of this country and many are considering themselves to adopt the same lifestyle to get success.  He was from Patna, Bihar did his schooling from there and went to Delhi Technical University for engineering. He was a brilliant student who won the National Olympiad as well as cleared more than 10 engineering exams. Earlier he decided to start his profession in the sector of engineering and thereafter, as a pilot. However, destiny had decided something else for him. In a tv show, he participated in Jhalak Dikhla Ja where he became famous. Later, he acted in a Zee TV serial, Pavitra Rishta, which made him famous across the country as he was recognised as Manav, the character of the serial. Destiny was too much clement on him that he got an opportunity to act in movies like Biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni which further glamorized him. 

The last movie in which he acted is ‘Chhichhore’ which sent a message to the society. In this movie, his most popular dialogue is that: “सक्सेस के बाद का प्लान सबके पास है , लेकिन अगर गलती से फ़ैल हो गए, तो फेलियर से कैसे डील करना है , इसकी कोई बात ही नहीं करना चाहता” means that “After success, everyone has a plan, but if they fail by mistake, then they do not want to talk about how to deal with the failure”. This dialogue becomes very famous across the country as it is a lesson to parents and youths of this country to learn how to tackle the worst situation in life. Unfortunately, the person who used to deliver this dialogue didn’t bother to understand his own words because he delivered his dialogue as a professional and didn’t understand the real meaning that can be used in the worst condition of life..

From the above dialogue, it is clear that parents should have to nurture their kids in such a manner that these types of extreme actions could not be taken. In this modern era, when youths are residing alone for a career, parents should start nurturing their kids to make plan after the success, but also if they fail what the plan would be.  If parents start these types of nurturing to the kids, then these kids would be able to face the worst condition of their life. As he would be trained to take action not only after success but also after failure.

 An interview, in NDTV, was relayed on 14th June, 2020, his co-actor, Sh. Vikrant Massey claimed that ‘Sushant was a planned and optimistic person. He planned everything in a proper manner for every year like what he had to achieve in the particular year so that everything will run smoothly’. However, the planning after success was decided by Sushant but he hadn’t decided if he would be a failure. Due to failing of acquiring his 7 signed movies, he decided to suicide in place to struggle with the situation which shows that there is lack in education system which teaches what to plan after success but no plan after failure. Even politics and war is planned with three to four options so that if one is failed what the next plan would be. That war and politics never gets success which is architected with only one option. Hence, life should always be backed with more than two options so that the worst could be tackled.

As the year 2020 started, a pandemic spread across the world which killed Lakhs of people and still it is not clear when it will be under control. Due to this, thousands of labours across the country started leaving the metro cities where they have come to earn their livelihood as well as fulfill their dreams. But lockdown has snatched the job opportunity from them and therefore, they were compelled to leave these cities to their native place or home states. As these labours were the most sufferer on the road due to lack of transport facilities as they started their journey on foot, cycles, rickshaw, etc. Meanwhile, a bollywood actor’s name, Sonu Sood, emerged in the social media, who started arranging the transport facilities to these migrant labours so that they could conveniently reach their destiny. Even food is supplied to these needy people.  I have seen his interview on NDTV where I found that his face is glazing because hundreds of people were benefited from his deeds. I found that his satisfaction was at the pick which taught me a lesson. 

The lesson which I got from these two incidents is that this world is very competitive where everyone is running behind the success of their career. However, there are still some people who are spending a part of their time and money on society along with their profession. Although the number of these types of people is meagre in Indian society. It is obvious that if a person merely runs behind the success of a career, he or she may be glamorized but if the same person also devotes some parts of his or her income and time for the society, it will give them moral satisfaction. Therefore, it means parents should start training their kids to share their limited time or money for society since childhood, which will strengthen their moral values. Doing social work will also limit their extreme expenses in the initial stage as they will find that people are in the worst condition in comparison to them in society. Consequently, these kids when enter the professional life, they will certainly restrict themselves to take extreme steps like suicide in the worst condition of life as these professionals would already learn from their past experience that life is a part of sorrow and happiness. During the lockdown period, Sushant Singh Rajput may be in mental stress due to loss of 7 movies which he already signed to start. Unauthorised sources in social media claimed that someone has tried to settle his personal score with him and therefore, his 7 signed movies were snatched.

 An unauthorised source also claims that he is followed by 9.8 millions on instagram, whereas, on twitter, he is followed by 1.8 millions, still he was alone on the night of 13th to 14th June. It means we should not depend on social media as one might have millions of followers but when someone needs help, none of these million followers will come. However, in this modern era, we can’t ignore the value of social media platforms, at the same, we must physically involve ourselves in the society through various activities. Being alone in his Bandra house, it  may be that the mental pressure was further aggravated and if he had worked for the society like Sonu Sood, the situation did never compel him to take such an extreme action.Thus, the learning method of kid is required to be altered so that one doesn’t limit oneself but limits should be released up to the society or country. 

Secondly, suicide is a crime under Section 309 in India and whoever attempts to commit suicide, will be sent to simple imprisonment for one year. But if the attempts of committing suicide is executed, none is punished as culprit is nowhere in this land. Therefore, there is a need for amendment in this law. As we know that if someone drives a vehicle below 18 age, and if an accident occurs due to rash driving, his parents are penalised for being given a vehicle to these young people. In the same way, Indian law should amend to penalise the parents of the suiciders with simple imprisonment for one year so that it will discourage these youths to take such drastic steps. These types of persons who are thinking to suicide may be compelled not to take such drastic steps as it will take their parents to jail. No person would like to send his or her parents to jail for his or her misdeeds. 

Even the government should arrange a toll free number where one can call to get counselling from an expert if someone is thinking about such a drastic step or even local administration may be informed by the centralised system so that these types of people can be monitored. These steps will certainly reduce the suicides in India as suicide is a stain in the society.

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