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Why AdSense rejects you?

Why AdSense rejects you?

Is Adsense approval application rejected?

Adsense approval is mostly rejected when the new website sends it for approval from Google and therefore, the website is not generating revenue. If you have tried more than once and still wants to get approve it, you should have to take some steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Remove all copyrights content from your site. If you are using any pics, photos or videos after downloading from google, check whether it is free to use or not. For this, you have to go to

    Adsense approval
    Adsense Approval

    Select ‘Advance search’, click it and go to the bottom of the page where you find ‘usage rights’ and change it as ‘free to use or share’.

  1. Your contents should be unique and these should not be copied and pasted. If your contents are not unique, you should have to make sure that these are free to use and copyrights don’t apply on your website contents.

  2. You must have to publish your website ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Disclaimer’, and ‘Terms and ‘Conditions’ before applying for approval.

  3. Mostly domain is purchased and the contents of the website are published within three to four days, thereafter, users apply for the approval of adsense. It will certainly increase the chance of rejection. Once the domain is purchased, you (users) should have to wait at least for a month and continue to publish your contents on the website, it will certainly increase the chance of approval. It is not fruitful to apply repeatedly for the approval of adsense within a short duration of time, rather it will be better to wait for a month to get approval.

  4. Once you apply for the adsense approval, you have to increase the number of publications of contents on your website until you get approval from adsense.

  5. When you apply for the adsense approval, you should never try to change the ‘Setting’ of your website like Layout, Theme, etc, and if you change these ‘Setting’, it will become the reason behind the rejection of approval. Even you should not have to publish the other affiliate programmes like Amazon, Grammarly, etc; on your website.

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