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Exploitation of Opportunity

Exploitation of Opportunity

Opportunity to India

Apple Vendor Faxconn

Recently, a sensitive news arrived to Indian Media that Faxconn, which manufactures the accessories of Apple is leaving from China on the request of Apple as tension between China and the US is at the peak. The US administration is strict towards the Chinese Government on the issue of spreading Covid-19 across the world which causes lakhs of life. Consequently, Apple decided to request the Faxconn to leave China and search the new option so that the manufacturing process may be shifted to the other country. As Indian Prime Minister and the Government of India’s active efforts bring this $1billion investment to Sriperumbudur, near Chennai to expand the factory which will create around 6000 jobs in India. However, Companies like Google, Microsoft, and even several US and European Companies are interested in shifting their manufacturing unit from China to other countries like India, Taiwan, etc. No doubt, these companies’ priority is India as it is a big market and the combination of manufacturing and market will be the moonlight. 

Even the Indian Government relaxes the Export process through launching of a website of DGFT recently where most of the process will be completed digitally. Additionally, ease of doing Business is accelerated so that ‘Made in India and Make in India’ could be success.The Government of India has also relaxed the Labour Law to some extent so that these companies may freely act as per their requirement. Indian Government’ efforts is to optimise the Labour Law so that productivity can be increased among the workers and employees. But the care must be taken so that workers and employees may not be exploited at any cost as discontent among them may burst one day which will again be painful for the government to manage it.

Currently, Indian leadership, diplomats and Armies’ joint attack on China provided no options other than to accept the condition and therefore, Chinese Armies are compelled to leave the Galwan Valley. Even the citizens of this country have shown their nationalism as thousands of people gathered to honour the sacrifice of Bihar Regiments and Sikhs regiments by joining their last rituals . On the other hand, Indians boycotted the products of Made in China which became a revolution as it is visible in the market that Swadeshi products are purchased in place of foreign products. On the issue of Chinese products, people are interested not to purchase even the option is not available to the common mass. Indian Government decision to ban 59 Apps in India further added fuel to the fire. No doubt, Indian Government and Indian Companies should have to arrange the substitute of these products or Chinese products as it is inconvenient for the people if options are unavailable for a long time. No doubt, efforts are being continued from both sides and Indians will very soon get the substitute of these Chinese apps and products. For instance, Jio meet in place of Zoom is arranged by Reliance Industries in the short span and India has the calibre to exploit the opportunity.

Attacks from three sides of India as mentioned in the second para, border disputes with neighbouring countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, etc; and the US and European Countries’ anger towards China has provided an opportunity to the Asian countries as well as India to exploit it properly so that manufacturing units can be set up here. Currently, China has lost its trust and an opinion prevails among most of the countries that each one should have to find the other options. Therefore, Indian Government as well as State Governments should have to remove their federal politics for the sake of the development of the country as opportunities never come again. State Governments should collaborate with Central Government to invite these foreign companies by providing Land at reasonable price, skilled workers (training at regular interval through digital and manual), maintenance of Law and order, Electricity at reasonable price with 24*7, removal of red tapism, etc; to set up their manufacturing units. It will certainly bring prosperity in their region. The Government of India and the State Government should have to assure these foreign companies that nothing will change to them even if the parties change anywhere,i.e; Central and State. Otherwise, the cheap politics for the chair may have adverse effect in the region as development will be restricted. 

No doubt, the policies of the Government are changed from the Maximum Governance, Maximum Government’ to ‘Maximum Governance, Minimum Government’ and therefore, employment in the Government sector will certainly reduce. Now the time arrives that proper technical training is provided to the people of this country so that livelihood in different professions can be earned and even employment in these foreign companies is a good option. The arrival of these foreign companies will also increase  the Export which further reduces the trade deficit of India. Therefore, the time has arrived to mould ourselves so that the new opportunities can be exploited for the benefits of the country as well as for Indians.

                                    Jai Hind.

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