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“Know How To Write And Publish A Book”

“Know How To Write And Publish A Book”

Author Sadanand Barnawal has written a Book: Know How To Write A Book: A Complete Solution. In this book, author has described why to write a book, how to write a book, from where to start, languages and tools, details of International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and how to get procure or purchase ISBN, what is copyright, how to get copyright in India, how to advertise the book, different mode of publication, conventional publication, self publishing, Kindle direct publishing (KDP), Google Play Books Partner Center, how to publish on google play books, etc. The book provides the complete solution to a newcomer or author to write and publish a book free of cost. This book also describes the limitation to the government employees about what is permitted to publish and the limitation to write a book. The latest amendment of pension rules published through Gazette Notification on 31.05.201. Once a person reads this book, he has sufficient reasons to start writing a book, complete it and becomes a renowned author.

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