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Journey to Blood Donation Camp


Journey to Blood Donation Camp

A young gentleman was looking here and there near the Bahadurgarh metro station. Later, he went near a bus and asked the conductor whether this bus would go to Seni via Suhrana village.

The bus conductor’s reply was negative and indicated his ring finger towards the other side of the road where the bus stand existed. He went towards the bus stand where he found a bus standing on the platform with a signboard showing Seni. He got a  great relief and enquired the same from a person standing near the bus. That person said: I amn’t not the bus conductor. Therefore, he went near the window of the bus where an old man nearly 60 years old was sitting.

The young man again enquired the same and that old man replied in affirmative. He boarded the bus and found several seats in the bus reserved for senior citizens and females. He chose the unreserved seat for himself to avoid inconvenience in the travel. Several passengers boarded on the bus and after half an hour, the bus started its journey. He was observing the passengers and a smile on his face was clearly visible. It was because this type of journey by bus was normally done by this young man in Dhanbad District of Jharkhand State and after a long time, he was in the bus of Haryana. The feeling of bus travelling in Jharkhand during the year of 1995 to 2002 was the same in Haryana during 2021. It also seems that wherever you travel in India, the glimpse of the rural areas never changes.

Initially, this bus was in the way of market areas of Bahadurgarh  and after 15 minutes, it came out from Bahadurgarh market and started its journey on the road which crossed several villages. Passengers used to board and deboard the bus as Bus Stands arrived.. Meanwhile, the bus conductor came near to this gentleman and this gentleman gave Rs. 100 to the bus conductor and requested him to inform when the Suhrana Bus Stand arrived. Bus conductor returned Rs. 70 to the gentleman and assured the gentleman that he would inform him when the Bus Stand arrived. This gentleman relaxed his body on the seat of the bus as most of the seats were vacant and closed his eyes.

Who was this gentleman? Why was he travelling to Suhrana?

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