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Jammu and Kashmir

All party meeting of Jammu and Kashmir in Delhi on 24.06.2021

The Government of India invited an all party meeting of Jammu and Kashmir in Delhi on 24.06.2021. Even political leaders like Muhbooba Mufti, Farooq Abdula, Muzaffar Hussain Baig, etc were invited to bring normalcy in the region. Although the status of state of Jammu and Kashmir and Article 370, a special status given, was removed through amendment in the constitution by Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha and later consent was given by the President of India.

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Pension slip to Pensioners

Order to issue of pension slip to the pensioners

In order to ease the living for the pensioners, an initiative was taken in which pension disbursing banks agreed to provide a pension slip per month to the pensioners with the break up of pensions, dearness relief, arrears, tax deduction, etc; so that pensioners may have the details.

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Covishield vaccine first dose experiences

Experience with first dose of covishield

Initially, Anand Kumar had least interest in inoculation with the covishield as the first dose was permitted for the people above 18 years old, however, a tweet of an IPS (Indian Police Service) officer said that in the year of 2020, the death was mostly of para-medical staff, doctors, police, senior citizens, etc. but in the year of 2021, seldom death news of these people comes because of double dose vaccinations.

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Invitation from DoP&T to attend JCM

Deputy Secretary, Sh. S.P.Pant, DoP&T, Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions, has sent a letter, No. 3/4/2021-JCA dated 16.06.2021 to Sh. Gopal Mishra, Secretary, National Council (Staff Side) JCM citing that agenda points are finalized and invited to discuss the agenda points on 26.06.2021.

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Revised wage rate in Delhi from 01.04.2021

On the basis of revision in the Annual consumer price index and the inflation rate is neutralized by the government with the increase of wage rate.

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