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Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi, Speech on 15th August 2020

Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi, Speech on 15th August 2020

 Prime Minister hoisted Flag at Red Fort

Prime Minister hoisted flag at Red Fort
Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi


Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi, hoisted the Flag at Red Fort on the 7th straight time and addressed the Nation.

Red Fort Delhi
Red Fort

The speech of Narendra Modi has emphasized on several issues in which three main issues are:

i. Healthy India

ii. Self-Reliant India

iii. Strong India

i. Healthy India: Prime Minister has announced the launch of National Digital Health Scheme (NDHS). This scheme will provide health card to every Indian so that the treatment, diagnostic check, doctor appointment, etc; means that the health issue of everyone is available on one card or on one click digitally. The availability of all records of health will reduce the time period to understand the health problems. This scheme will certainly be beneficial for common men of this country as they can get treatment from any hospital and even online consultancy will be available for better treatment. 

Normally, the profession of doctor is believed to serve the humanity. However, some hospitals becomes money generating units in place of service to humanity nowadays. 

In the era of stiff competition to earn more money, a patient having health insurance, is normally prescribed different types of diagnostics tests and treatment by the doctors which are sometimes not required.  Mostly, hospitals recommend the patients to follow the diagnostics test and treatment by convincing that the patients would not be charged and expenses are borne by the Health Insurance Companies. These types of illegal activities will certainly be curbed with the arrival of NDHS and therefore, the premium of health insurance may be minimized.

The availability of digital information of health will certainly assist the government to form the policy to make the people of this country healthy. Nowadays, sitting jobs, working on computer and laptop, unbalanced diet and sleeping, etc; increases the number of patients like diabetics, hyper tensions, etc. 

The Government of India as well as State Government will be able to chalk out the plan to reduce the number of these types of patients. Currently, Government of India doesn’t have accurate number of patients of diabetics, hyper tensions, etc; as no proper record is maintained. However, several surveys are executed by National Statistical Office and Ministry of Health but these surveys are mostly based on sample method and therefore, the total number derived from these methods is not standard. But the NDHS will provide accurate number of patients of said diseases. It will certainly help the government to provide treatment to these patients and long term policy might be chalked out to reduce the number of patients. 

It means this scheme will assist India to become healthy.

ii. Self-reliant: The percentage of FDI in India is 18% more in comparison to last year which has broken the earlier records. It shows that Ease of Business in India has attracted the foreign companies to invest. On the other hand, several manufacturing companies are leaving China after the spread of Covid-19. The world trusts on China has reduced to a great extent and the tension between the US and China further compels the US based companies and their vendors to come to India. 

Indian Prime Minister slogan, ” Local for Vocal” has shown positive results. Before pandemic period, India used to import PPE kits, N-95 masks, Ventilator, etc. However, Indian companies has exploited the opportunities and started manufacturing these types of articles not only for own consumption but also starts exporting to European countries, Asian Countries and even to the super power country the US.

Prime Minister has emphasized that India should start ‘make for world’.  India would have to change itself from exporting raw materials and importing finished goods to manufacturing finished goods as well as defense equipment. 

No doubt, the Prime Minister evocation  to start manufacturing hub for self-reliant will certainly encourage the Indian companies to start manufacturing finished goods and therefore, the import or trade deficit will certainly come down in coming years.

iii. Strong India: Prime Minister has announced that around one lakh National Cadet Corps will be recruited around the  coastal areas, Air force base and territorial armies in which one-third would be female cadets. No doubt, this step will provide the basic facilities to the three armies, i.e; territorial armies, navy and air force. 

Although the government has stepped in to create a youth wing of army to assist the country in war. It will become the first line of defense system. When the enemy country attack the Indian territory, these first line defense system will certainly react in the positive manner to tackle the enemies. 

Additionally, they will become the backbone to supply the basic facilities like medicines, food, etc; to the armies. This defense system will incorporate the adolescence of this country to become the youth wing of the Indian Army as well as responsible citizens in future. 

No doubt, this concept of youth wing is derived from Israel where the citizens are trained for armies and therefore, when the enemy attacks the border areas, the villagers react through arms and ammunition. In future, India will also create the defense system like Israel to give the befit reply to the enemies on the border areas by not only armies but also by the civilians . 

Indian Prime Minister has also praised the Bihar Regiment and Sikh regiment who have given the befit reply on the LAC to PLA and the Indian Armies would continue it from LOC to LAC. 

Nowadays, Nepal’s reaction towards India is not positive since K. P. Sharma Oli sworn as the Prime Minister of Nepal. 

K. P. Sharma Oli
K. P. Sharma Oli

Nepal PM is inclined towards the Chinese Government as he is from the Nepal Communist party. It means that India is surrounded by the enemies and therefore, it should have to build the civil defense systems, and the additional recruitment of youth wing army like NCC will provide responsible and healthy citizens to India. 

Indian Prime Minister speech from the Red Fort is full of enthusiasm, energetic and encouraging. His speeches provides new hopes to the citizens of this country that India is capable enough to tackle pandemic situations and even exploit the tough time as an opportunity to flourish. It is clearly visible that Indian status is rapidly changing in the positive manner from border to the global community. 

Meanwhile, Indian companies should have to improve the standard so that people of this country have full trust on Indian products. Even the quality of products should be at par, to encourage ‘Local for vocal’ which will certainly have positive effects. 

Rest hope for the best.

Jai Hindi.

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