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Corona Virus

First Theory of evolution of Coronavirus


Coronavirus or Covid-19 : Three Theories of evolution of Coronavirus


        The first case of Coronavirus  was on 31st December 2019, in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China which was spreaded across the world within three months and crores of people were affected and lakhs of people laid their life.

Even a country like Italy which comes first in the health facilities in the world ranking is worst affected and a country like the USA which is super power comes on the knee and requested India to supply the medicine, hydroxychloroquine, used to treat malaria earlier, was to cure this virus. 

        Earlier, Donald Trump, the US president warned that it would retaliate if India would not supply this medicine, however, India’s prime minister interference in this matter strengthens the friendship between these two countries.

Although India assisted countries like Russia, Israel, Iran, Maldives,etc to such a great extent that the whole world is looking towards it. Now the main point which is required to find out how this virus originated.

Though Countries like USA, Australia, European Commission, etc are pushing for a global enquiry in Wuhan, the origin point of China so that the reasons behind the arrival of this virus could be illustrated which was rejected by China. However, the world communities have to depend on the theory of China behind the origin of this virus. Hence, I have generated three theories behind the origin of this virus which are required to analyze on the basis of logic.

First theory of origin of Corona Virus

         As the world entered in the 21st century, science and technology has developed so many modern tools and accessories which assists human beings to spend its life luxuriously.

The nature has provided the power of thinking to human beings so that the nature may be preserved for a long time but human beings always attempts to cross the limitation of exploitation of natural resources which further worsens the situations and therefore, nature has to display its power to the most advanced of the living beings of this world.

The brutal killing of animals on land, air and water for the taste of tongue for a few seconds and decoration of human bodies and its houses might anger nature which is compelled to teach the super power of living beings of this world,i.e; human beings.

Therefore, the completion of a hundred years brought an epidemic to this world so that the population may be controlled to relieve the nature. In 1720, 1820, 1920 and 2020 is adversely affected with an epidemic of plague, cholera, Spanish flu and corona virus threatening the human beings that if nature would be attempted to overcome, it could certainly react which might be devastating.

Although nature taught so many times to the superpower of this world,i.e; the USA. The US was attacked by the cyclone many times which shows that nature is still supreme, even science is inn advanced stage.

Currently, the US stands on its knee as it is unable to tackle the situation when thousands of Americans laid down their life, however, India assisted it by the supply of medicine like hydroxychloroquine.

No doubt, nature is merely desirous to follow the law of nature, otherwise, human beings would be most affected when it applies its constitution. 

   Certainly the above theorem is unimpeachable which is required to be accepted for the existence of human beings. But the origin of coronavirus doesn’t satisfy this theory to a great extent because if it is the reason, China would certainly like to accept the demand of European countries as well as the USA to have an independent enquiry. The rejection of independent enquiry by the outsider rejects this theory that nature has attempted to display its strength.

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