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Tag Archive : Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus in India: Burdens or Opportunities?




In the 21st century, Coronavirus spreads in such a manner that the whole world is adversely affected from the USA to Africa.

In other words, around 188 countries are affected by Coronavirus, therefore, India can’t be untouched.

The Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi, decided to start the first lock down on 22nd March 2020 as a Janta Curfew, thereafter, continued for more than two months and even it is not clear when the world is relieved from this pandemic.

Thereafter, the Prime Minister called for clapping and beating thalis, drums, etc, on 22nd March 2020 to encourage the Indians to fight against this epidemic as well as stay at home which is more or less accepted across the country.

 On the second occasion, the PM again called for switching off the light to save electricity and light the candle, diya, mobile, etc; on 5th April 2020 at 9.00 pm for 9 minutes further accepted and executed across the country. These two incidents of this country increase the enthusiasm among the people during this lock down.

Even some anti-social elements attempted to disrupt the process of lock down in states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, etc, and the local administration as well as the state government acted against them. More or less, these anti-social elements were controlled after using force by the administrator.

During this lock down period, state government and central government coordination further strengthens the federal system of our country, however, some petty politics is also visible which is required to be avoided during the emergency.

But India is such a vast country and being the largest democratic country in the world, such petty politics can’t be avoided. Although countries like Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and even the US, which are developed countries, were unable to convince their citizens to follow the lock down which devastated the situation.

Although India has followed the lock down, more or less, around two months and therefore, the whole economy of this country is affected. As per census 2011, population below poverty line in India is around 22 percent.

    However, former finance minister, Sh. Arun Kumar Jaitley’s assumption was that it was reduced to 19 percent in 2019.
           In other words, it means that around 22 crores of population in 2019 is below the poverty line as per Jaitley’s assumption and if it is elaborated further, it means that 22 crores people are required to be fed as they have no other means to earn livelihood in this lock down.
          Even if the analysis is properly executed, most labours from states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc are in metro cities to earn their livelihood on a daily  basis which further adds fuel to the fire when lock down continues to more than two months.
            As no government is capable of feeding these large sections of the population. Though the efforts of the Central Government and the State Government is appreciable. 

As the Central Government continued the lock down for two months having no other options.

In these two months, India is fully self-reliant on itself for manufacturing of PPE, ventilator, testing kit, medicines, etc because several companies like Mahindra, Maruti, Tata, etc; emerged as opportunists which increased the supply chain.

It means that this two months lock down has provided opportunities to the Government as well as Indian companies to be self-reliant for medical equipment and the cases of Coronavirus or Covid-19 is under control.

The emergence of these companies assisted India to increase export of Medical equipment, medicines, PPE kits, Ventilator etc. It is obvious that in place of burden, Indians always emerge as an opportunist during the adverse condition.

In spite of this, the labours are unable to get their livelihood as the opportunity of employment is reduced to a great extent. Subsequently, the labours in metro cities were worst affected due to loss of employment.

Lock down across the country compelled the Manufacturers and other business men to retrench the workers from their units. It further aggravated the situation as they have no other options but to leave the cities.

These cities are not capable of feeding their families even though they have built several infrastructures of the cities.

Unfortunately, they have left the cities where they have come with dreams to upgrade their living standard but in vain. They are compelled by the uncertainty of the future, however, they didn’t have conveyance to come back to their native land.

Although these labours are nation builders and hence, they have will power. They started walking towards their home with the family members including female and kids.

No doubt, most of them reached their destination in this adverse condition, some lost their kins in this journey which ashamed the whole country.

In spite of the adverse condition, these labours, known as nation builders, did not protest against the state government nor the central government. 

Fortunately, several assistance came from some sections of the society which was meagre in comparison to the number of labours. The state government, from where these labours are, are now reviewing the situation. 

Fortunately, nature has given an opportunity to these states to accelerate the development of the Industrial Areas and business in these regions.

The chief minister should now consider to develop the state as they have labour forces at a low wage rate whereas the land value is also less in comparison to other Industrial or metro cities.

If the proper plan and policy is executed, it will increase the Gross domestic Product of the concerned states.

Nature has provided opportunities to these states to execute the actions in a positive manner by inviting industrialists with low land value and wage rate.

The prevailing land value and the wage rate in these states is low and if the law and order is maintained properly, industrialists and businessmen will certainly opt to start their manufacturing and business in these states.

In this modern era, several companies of the USA and European countries choose countries like China, India, Bangladesh, etc, to start business because of low wage rates. And if states provide infrastructure, they will certainly be eager to start business in these states.

Now the state government should not lose the opportunities, otherwise, the tag of generating labours is never removed. These labours will become a burden to their home states if proper plan and policy is not executed by the state government, whereas, proper actions will bring prosperity in the regions. Let’s hope for the best. 


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