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Why to write a book...?

Why to write a Book?

Part I

This is the first chapter of “Know How to Write And Publish A Book: A Complete Solution” mentions reasons behind Why to write a book. Author Sadanand Barnawal would share all the chapters of this book and link will be shared very soon. One can get all information regarding why to write a book, how to write a book, tools which can be used to write, ISBN, Copyright, etc.

It is well known that the first book comes in anyone’s life is when he starts reading A for Apple, B for Ball and so on in English stream. Even in Hindi, it starts as ‘क से कबूतर, ख से खरगोश, ग से गमला’ and so on, which is the basic method to start learning. As he grows up, the learning material expands in accordance with age. Subsequently, the below primary level, the size and the content of books are just to learn the framing of words, thereafter, sentences and the basic knowledge of grammar. At this level, the ultimate goal of parents and teachers is to teach the kids to start learning in a particular language. 

With the completion of pre-primary level, kids enter the primary level where the sizes and contents of books further change and now they learn how to read and write in a particular language or more than one language. In India, kids start learning in regional languages with English. Most kids learn English in addition to Hindi or other regional languages because English is considered as a status symbol in India in spite of that Britishers left this country in 1947, still this language is an administrative language at the higher level and therefore, the craze of English still exists among Indians.

Additionally, Mathematics, Science, etc; are also incorporated in the syllabus so that kids can understand the very basic concepts of different subjects. Normally, kids enter the adolescence stage of their life at secondary level.  On the other hand, the contents of the subjects are also increased systematically in every class which is continued up to senior secondary. An idea is almost emerged among the adolescents who are at the secondary level and the higher secondary level that the contents of books are an authentic source of information.  

Adolescents become youth has to opt a particular subject to specialize themselves for their profession where books again play a crucial role. Subsequently, most of the youths choose their interested professionalism for their livelihood.. Books still play a crucial role in gathering information and intelligence to these youths as they are on the way to mature themselves in professionalism in Colleges and Universities.

More or less, books are always a part of life starting from the age of around 3 years and continuing for the whole life to gather information. Therefore, it means that books have their own credibility that is universally accepted. 

Although several books have been written in the ancient as fiction, autobiography, biography, etc that still exist even after thousands of years. History always remembers those who have left their deeds in the written forms.

In India, Ashoka, an emperor of India during 304 BC to 232 BC, was known as ‘Ashoka the Great’ as inscriptions are available to mention his great deeds even after 2300 years. However, historians accept the information of these inscriptions as no other sources are properly available.

The Chanakya Niti is still considered as a standard rule in Politics which is quoted from the common men to the high class, written in 275 BC. The holy books like Ramayan, Mahabharata, Vedas, Geeta, etc; are read by the Hindus in a large number for spirituality. 

Though Akbar is known as ‘Akbar the Great’ like Ashoka because of the availability of his biography and several administrative materials. In spite of that, he was an illiterate; he continued to preserve his history by encouraging his courtiers to pen down his deeds to the people of this country. Even Babur, the grandfather of Akbar, in his memoirs Baburnama mentioned how his army personnels of 10000 in numbers defeated around 100,000 army personnel of Ibrahim Lodi, the contemporary emperor of India. Even the picture available in Baburnama depicts his courtiers and his image. Baburnama is assumed that it is the first autobiography of India. It means that if a person puts his deed in written form, he may be remembered forever in the country or society. 

Books written by foreign tourists or travellers like Marco Polo from Italy, Ibn-e-Batuta from Morocco, Nicoloi Conti from Italy, Tsang Hi from China, Abdur Razzak-Ambassador from Iran, etc; are sources of information of Indian History. These travellers depict the contemporary condition in brief that further illustrates rulers of different dynasties, the administrative systems, the condition of villages and urban areas, etc. It means that the brief information of these travellers, in the form of books, is still utilized by the Indian Historians to describe the glory of Indian civilisation and culture. Hence, if books are written by emperors/kings/warriors/travellers/teachers, etc; having information/contents, these will be remembered for a long time. 

Fortunately, Britishers are always considered as alien to India because several indigenous materials are available against them. These indigenous materials inform that people and resources of this country were extremely exploited. If the historians were only Britishers, it might be that British queen was also known as the great queen of India in history. Though the Indian history was earlier written in the glance of aliens which was later rewritten with the Indian spectacles to preserve its thousands of years of culture. 

Why was Aurangzeb known as anti-Hindu? It is because Maratha Historians, Rajput Historians,  etc; have left so many materials and poems in local dialects that depict the condition of India during the regime of Aurangzeb.

Even Sikh Guru, Govind Singh has written many books like Zafarnama, Jaap Sahib, etc; and thereafter, many followers of Guru Govind Singh or Sikh religion continued to write books or memories of his Guru. This accumulated a rich heritage in terms of literacy and information of Sikh communities. Consequently, Sikh is one of the most respectable religions of this country and Hindus also show special gratitude towards Sikhism. Even Hindus got the information of Aurangzeb from these books or manuscripts about how cruel he and his successors were and the battle among the Mughals Princes for the Delhi throne occurred. 

Even the story book ‘Panchatantra’ written by Pandit Vishnu Sharma in 200 BC is interestingly read by kids in this 21st Century.

It means that a book written by the author provides opportunities to accumulate information of the current condition to the future generations which is always considered an authentic source. Therefore, it is always needed that everyone should take an attempt to write a book on any issues like an autobiography, biography, fiction stories, non-fiction, information on any subjects, guidance on streams,  information of profession, etc; which will be memorable for the society and country.

If a person has joined a profession and he has worked for a long time, therefore, he may have expertise in that profession. If he is able to guide or give suggestions on his subject or profession, he must write a book without wasting his time. It might be that someone else is also considering the same to write and the delay might be regretted that it is he who is the first person who had decided to write the script but the opportunity is snatched. In this modern era, competition is stiff in every field, and delaying in any field might be harmful. 

Nature has gifted special attributes to everyone and one of the attributes may be that he has the ability to write a book on different issues or streams. Once he writes a book, he will leave a legacy to the future generation to remember that it is he who has left valuable information in his stream. It may be that he doesn’t have expertise in any subject, and then he may write fiction stories or novels. It might also be that a person doesn’t have the art to imagine plots for fiction stories or novels to pen down. Still there is no dearth of topics to write a book, he shouldn’t lose hope as several stories in societies are available around us which are required to be given the shape of books to understand the particular part of a society.

Once the above topics are exhausted, the other topics that one may write is one’s own autobiography as one life has several stories or memories which are unique and interesting. If one illustrates one’s life including the history of dynasty, child age, adolescent, youth, love or romance in college life or young age, profession, information about the profession, its strength, training, space of improvement, etc; and if it is interesting, the reader will certainly enjoy it. It may be that autobiography is not interesting when a person puts it in the form of a book.

Let it be decided by the reader as nature has assigned a job to you and therefore, it’s your duty to complete your assignment. The worst-case may be that no reader is interested in an autobiography, there is no need to worry as a section still exists who will be interested and that section is none but a family, friends or next generation, i.e. your kids and grandkids, and further great-grandkids and so on as none will be available to them except your manuscript.

Even if you don’t like to write autobiography as you think that nothing interesting is available in your life, you may choose to write a biography of anyone in your society from higher class to lower class people. Generally, people of both classes have unique stories that are required to be mentioned so that a good lesson reaches the society for the welfare of common men and the benefits of the country. Hence, the reader’s first job is to decide to write a book as so many options are available. The reader should take a promise to himself or swear that he must write a book which will be published as a legacy to the society or for the country.

Exhausting all the above options, there are still some options that might be utilized to write a book. The next options are for the housewives, nanny, maid, vendor, cook, parenting, yoga, etc. Even housewives or cooks know several types of delicious cooking ideas that could be shared in the form of her manuscript.

In this modern era, when husband and wife are both working, kids are left to nanny which also becomes a part of the life of modern society. Dealing with these modern kids by nanny can be given the shape of manuscripts which is certainly accepted by the readers to go through it to understand both (nanny and kids). Parents are worried about how to nurture their kids and if you have adequate knowledge or experience to share how to tackle, nurture and deal in a particular situation, you have sufficient reasons to write a book. 

In summary, the author would suggest that one should firmly decide to start writing a book on any issues or topics in which he is comfortable. Here the author would like to give the reader a task to do. Firstly, the reader should decide on what matter or subject he is going to write a book. Thereafter, he has to arrange a diary/notebook/laptop/computer, etc; in which he will start his manuscript.

In this modern era, most are interested in writing on the Laptop or Computer as it is easy to change the words or paragraphs. However, still some are comfortable with conventional methods, i.e. writing in a diary or notebook, and one may opt for it. Additionally, a separate notebook is to be arranged to note the sources of information, frequently asked questions, important points, etc; that will be incorporated in the manuscript. After completion of this task, you will get all the assistance how to go ahead.

Link will be shared very soon.

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