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Google sellers.json

Nowadays, most websites earn revenue from Google adsense and due to this, stiff competition exists among the websites.

On the other hand, Google always updates itself to bring transparency in the adsense.

To understand the issue of google sellers.json, let us first understand the publisher, intermediaries and advertisers.

Publisher: Users or websites which publish advertisements of different companies through Google Adsense.

Intermediaries: Intermediaries are those persons or websites which bridge between publisher and google Adsense.

Advertisers: Advertisers are those which give advertisement to the publisher through google adsense.

To bring transparency among the publisher, Google adsense wants to publish the details of the publisher and the content it uses to publish due to which Advertisers will get information that will help them to decide to whom the advertisement may be permitted to publish.

Process to sort out this issue

Publisher should login the adsense account and Publisher will find:

We encourage you to publish your seller information in the Google sellers.json file. Visit the account settings page to review your current visibility status.

Action Learn More Dismiss

Click on Action and when you scroll down, you will find 

  1. Publisher Id
  2. Customer Id
  3. Time Zone
  4. Active Products
  5. Seller Information Visibility
  6. Account status

Publisher has to click on item 5., Seller Information Visibility, select Transparent.

Fill the domain name with suffix like Publisher should not use https://, /, www., etc. 

Once the above action is executed, the publisher has to wait two to three days and this issue will be sorted out.

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