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Pregnant Elephant

Human behavior in 21st Century

Nature is embarrassed by Human beings

Pregnant Elephant in Kerala

Pregnant Elephant

In Kerala, a pregnant elephant was given a pineapple by a local, stuffed with crackers to eat. Being an innocent and tongueless animal, she was eager to take the food as a baby elephant was hungry in its womb. As she ate the pineapple, it blasted in the stomach of the elephant. She became injured, her mouth was burned, and therefore, she started wandering here and there without injuring and damaging anyone. Later, she entered the river to drink water so that burn could be minimized, went in vain and therefore, she died in the water. It is an incident which embarrasses the humanity of this world.

Last time, a calf was butchered in the crowd to show that they would eat beef. No doubt, everyone in this country is free to eat whatever he or she likes whether it is non-vegetarian food or vegetarian food. But the butchered of any animal to demonstrate the strength or hurt any particular community may be accepted by the Local Government or Central Government. But the supreme nature never tolerates these types of activities and it knows very well to teach these people. Nature has created several types of food chain to balance the system, however, human beings are always eager to challenge it in lieu of politics. 

After this incident, Monsoon with flood arrived in Kerala which affected thousands of people. No doubt, Government always plays a crucial role and even science and technology has reached such a standard stage, where one can prepare oneself to save from the effects of Nature. But we should look towards the USA, a super power country which stands on its knees nowadays in front of Nature.

Even the cruel butchered of innocent animals for food, skin, bones, etc; in China angered the Nature and the consequences are beared by it. Consequently, the whole world is suffering from the Covid -19 and lakhs of people have laid their life.

Although India is also facing problems like epidemics of Covid-19, Floods, etc, in 2020 one after another and the whole country is in trouble. The human beings of this world should have to understand the law of Nature, otherwise, if the law starts its constitution to follow, no science and technology is equipped enough to tackle it.

Currently, Kerala is the most literate state in India, even these types of mercilessly killing of animals are not accepted in the civilized society. It means that education of books to human beings is not sufficient, it  merely improves intelligence and professionalism but it never brings humanity until moral education is improved in the education system. Now, the education system is required to be improved in such a way in India that the kids must understand kindness since childhood and follow the law of nature, otherwise, it will always embarrass humanity in this world. Although human beings in this universe are always considered as the most intelligent among all living beings.

On the other hand, Indian law is required to be improved to punish these types of culprits within a time frame who use to kill innocent animals to enjoy the death. If the culprits are put behind the law, it will certainly bring lessons to others in the society to avoid these incidents in future, however, this is a temporary solution but the country should have to bring a permanent solution. 

Now it is also need of the hour to pray to nature not to anger further to penalize the common men. No doubt, the deed of a Kerala person is not forgivable, still the Chief Minister of Kerala assured that law of the land will take action against the culprits which satisfies common men. But assurance should be executed fastly so that justice could not be delayed.

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