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Tag Archive : Man Holds Umbrella for Daughter Attending Online Class in the Rain

Father holding umbrella

Virtual class of Indian Girl under umbrella of father in 2021

Status of Women in India

In ancient times, women or girls were given the status of goddess in India and therefore, they were revered. However, the condition of women rapidly deteriorated. From medieval times, she was treated as an object to an extent who had to serve the male members at home by cooking food and caring for the family members. Although she was thrown with the status of mother, sister, etc; but being a wife, she never got a proper status and was always considered as an object from the medieval times. 

The reason behind the deterioration of the status of female in India is the invasion of Muslim rulers from the west side of India. The muslim invasions compelled the Indians to incarcerate the females in the wall boundary of home to protect them. On the other hand, alien rulers always treated their female as an object so as the Indian society was also affected with its gravity. In spite of several goddesses in Hindu myth, still the females didn’t get the real position in the society. 

As the muslim rulers in India weakened during the 18th century, Britishers got the opportunities to participate in the Indian politics. Indian rulers, whether Muslims, Sikhs, Marathas, etc; were either defeated or surrendered in front of Britishers and the new rules and regulations were implemented as per the law of England. However, the english rules and regulations are democratic, giving so many rights and freedom to survive for citizens in their country. But the same rules and regulations were sprained to a great extent to reduce the freedom of Indians under British regime. 

As females were treated equivalent to the male in England and therefore, the education system designed by Britishers also brought reformation in Hindus. The social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Vidya Sagar, etc played a crucial role for the improvement in the condition of females in India. As Indians started fighting against the Britishers for independence, females also equally participated. When India got freedom,the constitution designers were mostly studied in the foreign soil or even the indigenous education system was affected by the Britishers, females are given equal status in the Indian Constitution. 

Although it is around 70 years of Independence and Indian constitution. Nowadays, Indian Constitution is matured to a great extent and therefore, females in this country participate in every sector whether it is politics, bureaucracy, science, medical, army, etc. Earlier female foeticides were in large scale, thereafter, Indian government framed the rules to penalise persons involved in these heinous crimes which brought major changes in the society. On the other hand, advertisements to save girls, assistance to nurture girls, equal opportunities in employment, etc; and the success rate of females is always better than males in every sector conceptualising that females should be nurtured equally to male kids as they are also capable of helping the parents in need.

Nowadays, a photo is viraled in the social media, showing a father holding an umbrella as his daughter is attending her class virtually on mobile. Her village is around five kilometer away from the spot point as there are network problems and therefore, she has to come with her father on motorcycle to attend the virtual class where the mobile network is properly available. No doubt, this viral picture gives satisfaction that the Indian society is transformed where female kids are equally treated for education. 

It also simulates the truth that even though data plans are easily accessible to the common man, still mobile networks are inadequately available in the villages. It also means that the participation of private telecom companies has reduced the cost of accession to data plans but the inadequate network problems are a hurdle. Therefore, the government of India should interfere in the telecom sector to provide the proper network where private telecom companies are least interested. The expense to provide infrastructure may be fulfilled from the revenue generated in the urban areas. 

In reality, it is not convenient for every parent to travel 5 to 6 kilometers daily so that their kids could attend the virtual class. Specially, female kids may be ignored for education as this is only one picture viraled, whereas thousands of female kids in the village would have failed to attend virtual class in this pandemic. 

India has the capacity to build the basic infrastructure for education and health in the rural areas as equivalent to urban areas as India lives in villages. Investment in Human Capital is certainly building the nation strong and investment especially for females is certainly bringing a major change in the country. As it is well said, “एक बेटी पढ़ती है, तो शिक्षित होता है पूरा परिवार”

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