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Drone attack in Jammu Indian Air Force Base

On 27th June, 2020, two quadcopters/drones had attacked the Jammu Indian Air Force Base in the technical area that tenses the Indian security and intelligence agencies. The first quadcopter attacked the building roof with low intensity of impoverished explosive devices and didn’t cause any major loss, whereas, the second quadcopters exploded in the open area. It is really surprising how the quadcopters attacked the technical area which is very sensitive and properly guarded. It means there is a loop in surveillance and therefore, a proper mechanism is required to be sophistically developed to secure the sensitive areas. Even this attack may further encourage the attack on the civilian areas or sensitive arms and ammunition to create fear and havoc in the country.

In the meantime, the National Investigation Agency is assigned to investigate the quadcopters attack in the Jammu Indian Air Force Base. It is well known that most terrorist cases were resolved by this central agency and this case would also be resolved depending on how the attack was planned. 

Although the first instance shows that it was a terrorist attack as it was in the technical area. It indicates three reasons of explosion:

i. Some internal persons are involved to furnish the information of the sensitive areas due to which the first quadcopter exploded in the building.

ii. Firstly, it might be that a map of the areas was properly collected through satellites. It may be that some Pakistan terrorist organisation was directly involved. But Pakistan doesn’t have such sophisticated satellites. The Pakistan terrorist organisation might appear in this attack, however, the mastermind may be China. China always tried to bring chaos, disturbance and fear in India. India needs to face China on every front as it always acts as anti India and therefore, strong political will is the need of the hour in the international forum and on the international borders.

iii. The quadcopters or drones used in the explosion are so sophisticated that the target was hit successfully in trial.

It means Indian security agencies should have to investigate the attack properly, thereafter, the accused must be brought in court to punish in such a way that a lesson should be reached to all other anti-national activists or organisations. And if the perpetrators are from the foreign soil, they must be hit there to finish them forever.

On the other hand, anti drones lasers should be purchased from Israel as these are utilised there to prevent these types of attacks from Palestine. Even the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed anti-lesser drones but it has limitation to alert the drones encroachment up to two to four kilometers.

Additionally, Indian government would have to activate the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) on the verge of Mossad. R&aw should activate its hit team to kill the head and mastermind of Pakistan terrorist organisations mostly operating from Pakistan’s soil. As it is obvious that the main moto of these terrorist organisations is always to jeopardise this country. 

At the same time, Indian Government needs to shift its policy to arrange all necessary efforts to save its spies in the foreign soil if they are arrested. Indian government is required to stand itself like Israeli Government which always saves their agents in any part of the world. 

Last but not least, research and development of different types of arms and ammunition is required to be produced to face unconventional wars. Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the R&D will certainly bring a vast change in the defence sectors. These three steps will certainly make this country strong enough to protect itself from any invasion.

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