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Vikas Dubey’s Encounter: Right or Wrong?

Vikas Dubey’s Encounter: Right or Wrong?

Although it was a Good Friday for the U.P police that Vikas Dubey was finally arrested in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh on 9th July 2020 which brought a great relief to them.

However, it also raised the suspicion on the credibility of U.P Police that it was unable to arrest the accused in spite of that the accused crossed four states from UP to Faridabad (Haryana), via Rohini (Delhi) and Rajasthan to Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) after brutally killing of 8 Policemen including a DSP rank police officer.

It is really a slap on the face of U.P Police and therefore, Additional Director General of Police, Law and Order, Sh. Prashant Kumar was personally monitoring the development of arrest of the accused to bring to the court of law. No doubt, it is really the need of hour for the U.P Police to introspect itself behind this failure.

Meanwhile, the SHO of Chaubeypur Police station, Sh. Vinay Tiwari  was arrested and interrogated by the U.P Police on the suspicion that he spied on the police team led by C.O, Sh. Devender Kumar Mishra which went to nab Vikas Dubey in Bikru Village. It certainly raised an issue in U.P that Khaki and Khadi were somehow involved in the flourish of criminals like Vikas Dubey.

Vikas Dubey
Vikas Dubey

On 10th July 2020, news of encounter of Vikas Dubey in Kanpur District near Bhauti Area was spreaded across the country like wildfire. Vikas Dubey was handed over by Ujjain Police to the STF team led by DSP Sh. T.B.Singh. This team crossed the Kanpur Toll Plaza without any hurdle on 10th July 2020. However, the STF team  claimed that the vehicle which carried Vikas Dubey was overturned and therefore, the accused got an opportunity to snatch the weapon of a STF member and tried to escape. The accused also fired on the STF team which compelled the STF team to retaliate. Vikas Dubey was shot by three bullets and thereafter, he was taken to hospital where the doctors declared him dead. The encounter of Vikas Dubey brought a lot of relief to the people of this country. Most people of this country were happy as the accused was punished within 8 days. It shows that people of this country are eager to expedite the judicial system of this country and therefore, whenever, such an encounter occurs, it is appreciated. Recently, six rape accused were also encountered in Shamsabad under a bridge of Bangalore Hyderabad National Highway which was highly appreciated across the country. 

Indian Court

Why are these types of encounters appreciated?  It is the need of hour to introspect by the Parliament, the Government in the Centre and State Level. It is because the justice in this country is very precious and time taking. Fortunately, the judicial system of India is out of grip of corruption to a great extent. However, the lower court might sometimes be blamed for the involvement of corruption but the higher court like the High Court and Supreme Court has its own credibility in delivering justice. But the time consuming delivery of justice and the cost of justice is not tolerable for the common men and therefore, the miracle like encounter by the police for justice was mostly awaited by the common men of this country. For instance, Nirbhaya case court proceeding was around seven years and most of the common men are unable to bear these triple pains, i.e; i) victimisation, ii) cost & iii) Delay in delivery of justice. It is indeed to analyse how the common men struggle for such a long time to get justice. Additionally, they have to earn their livelihood on a daily or monthly basis and the earning of these people is meagre in comparison to the consultancy charge or fees of advocates of these higher courts. These common men have to utilise their lion share of savings or are compelled to sell their property for paying the consultancy charge even in the hope of  justice in their favor. It may be that power is utilised by the politician and henchmen to threaten the witness and therefore, the witness becomes hostile for these downtrodden people and therefore, justice is ignored. These circumstances in the country compels the common to appreciate the encounter of criminals like Vikas Dubey as justice is delivered in a short span.

Unfortunately, Vikas Dubey was flourished by the Local Politicians in 2001 when he murdered Santosh Shukla, a state Level Minister of U.P in the Shivali Police Station in broad daylight. No policemen testified this murder in court and therefore, he was still at large for two decades. It can be imagined how this henchmen used his power to threaten the police officer at that day when a State Level Minister was murdered in front of them and none of these police officers could have the courage to stand against him. Later, he used to attend birthday parties and marriage ceremonies in broad daylight and even middle and lower level police officers also attended these parties having photo sessions with him. It is certainly a big stain to U.P Police which is somehow removed after this encounter. This encounter shows that the U.P Police can deliver its duties if political interference is removed.

Certainly, a democratic country like India will never permit such an encounter. No doubt, these henchmen must not be permitted to flourish and after the brutal killing of 8 Policemen, he would never be allowed to exist in this Law of Land. But that must be implemented through Indian Judicial System.


Indian constitution was written after the analysis of the constitution of different countries and therefore, it is the largest democracy on this earth. Indian Constitution has been segregated into three parts: i) Legislative ii) Executive & iii) Judiciary. Executive can never be decorated with the additional task of judiciary as it would bring disorder after a certain time in the country. This will provide an opportunity to the Executive to settle the personal score with anyone if the justice delivery system is incorporated with them. 

On the other hand, the judiciary should have to be improved up to the standard level so that no culprits will be out of the grip of punishment. If the judicial system expedites the delivering of justice in a short span, it will certainly raise faith among the common men. There is no doubt that the common men have faith in the judicial system in India and therefore, whenever the muscle power comes in their way, they use to visit court for justice and justice in a short span will add moonlight. Therefore, the Government of India should pass an act through Parliament to reform the judicial system and the police. Even police are also required to relieve from the grip of politicians which will certainly bring the law and order under control in the country.

Let’s hope for the best.

Jai Hind.

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